This is the hinge on the left side of the truck bed. It is cupped and round. It should be greased often. When installing the tail gate, you put the left side on first.


Left side Tailgate hinge
Same as the one on the bed, only slightly larger in diameter to fit over the one on the bed. It too should be kept greased. Naturally, after taking these photos, I greased these hinges.


This is the right side bed hinge. (Turn your head to the right, and you can see it better). It is oval shaped, so no tools are necessary to remove the tailgate. This feature debuted on the 1977 models, and all models up to 87 have the quick remove tailgate. Previous years were similar, but tools were necessary to remove the tailgate. One man can remove one of these tailgates in less than a minute, after doing it a few times. Makes it easy to get small stones that get wedged in the gap out easily. It also makes it an easy target for thieves though. You can't have your cake and eat it now can you? ;-) Keep this greased, like the other side. One of those tiny 1/2" wide chrome throw away brushes you see on the counter in tubs at hardware stores is great for applying waterproof grease. I squeeze some out of my grease gun onto a piece of cardboard, use it as a "pallet", and brush on the grease. This way, I don't contaminate a container, and waste no grease. I wipe the brush off, and use it for spreading grease *ONLY* until it wears out.


This is the right side tailgate hinge. It has a slot cut out on the bottom, so you can lift it off the bed, when the gate is open about 4". It too, should be kept greased.

Even better, spray them down with Fluid Film regularly.

Fluid Film Spray 24" Extension Wand for Aerosol Cans


Fluid Film Spray 24" Extension Wand for Aerosol Cans

This is great for getting into hard to reach areas. Such a simple idea, to benefit from the powerful protection of Fluid Film! Watch the short video.


Manufacturer: Fluid Film (Eureka Chemical Company)

Fluid Film Aersol Spray (11.75oz.)

SKU: FFAC-11.75oz

Fluid Film Aersol Spray (11.75oz.)

A SINGLE CAN of Fluid Film Spray.


Manufacturer: Fluid Film (Eureka Chemical Company


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