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Don't overlook the "20 year old" wires when restoring your vehicle!

When restoring your vehicle, don't overlook the wires. Just because the wires "look OK" doesn't mean they are. Extreme heat (like under the hood), the elements, overheating, and age take their toll on wires. Wires can look fine, but inside the insulation it might be overheated, corroded, and deteriorated. Some wires even get brittle if they have been overloaded (overheated) too many times. Wire connectors get brittle from heat exposure too sometimes. Another cause of wire failure is flex. Places such as the door jambs of a vehicle with power windows, or power locks. There is a rubber boot connecting the door to the door jamb. Inside the boot are the wires for the power accessories. Every time you open and close a door, the wires are flexing. Imagine how many times in 10 or 20 years the driver's door alone has been opened and closed!!  The wires can wear through, and can actually break too. When working with wiring, the less connections (splices) in a run of wire the better. It is better to run one wire 20' long, rather than 4 pieces 5' long spliced together to reach 20' (when possible).

Wiring Supplies

Spools of Wire- From 10 to 18 gauge. Available in 25', 50', 100', 250', 500' spools. Available in yellow, blue, black, green, red, brown, and white.

RCA Jack Cables - For Stereo & Amp Installations, etc.

Monster Cable Amp Installation Kit - Amplifier Installation Kits.

Speaker Wire - Spools of it.

Dune Buggy Wiring Harness - Also for Corvair, and can can be used for other applications. Color coded Kit includes 6-pole fuse block, fuse block cover, fuses, all terminals, loom fasteners and instructions. Does not include battery and spark plug cables, or any switches or relays.

Wire Fastening Kit - Loose wires can rub enough to wear through the insulation. Secure wires properly to avoid future electrical problems. If you've ever had a short circuit and "small fire", you know how important it is to secure wires, and to prevent chafing or contact with anything that can cut the insulation. This kit has a great assortment.

Wire Loom - Protect your wires from the elements. Protect them from chafing. Runs wires neatly. Plus the colors look really cool under the hood. Of course you can get plain black loom too.

Wire Fastening Kit - Large assortment, and many kits to choose from. A *must* if you do any wiring.

Heat Shrink Tubing - Seal your wire splices and connections. Lasts long unlike electrical tape. This is what the pro's use.

Heat Sealed Connectors - Works like heat shrink tubing, but ensures an even better seal when used with heat shrink tubing over them.

Grommets - Protect wires where they pass through sheet metal.



Turn Signal Switch - Perfect for old dump trucks, tractors, backhoes, and other equipment "in transit".

Switch Panels- Keep control of all your accessories in one easy to control panel.

Switches - HUGE assortment. Lighted switches, toggle switches, rocker switches, etc.

Cigarette Lighter - Great if your vehicle doesn't have one. Also great for Lawn Mowers, Tractors, etc.

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Wiring Connectors,  Supplies & Switches. For restorations, repairs, and electronics installations.






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